Business Books

Websites and Distance Learning

  • InDepth Strategies website – copyediting
  • ProjectConnections website – copyediting for columnists and downloadable content, editorial oversight of newsletter and web content
  • ProjectConnections FastRamp courses – copyediting for slide decks and workbooks
  • IIL CAPM course narration – copyediting of audio scripts

Other Projects

  • Anonymous university client – I provided line editing for a workbook and exercises designed for HNW individuals assessing wealth management and giving.
  • Anonymous corporate client – I provide ongoing editing and writing services for a software developer in Silicon Valley.
  • Anonymous consulting firm – I provide ongoing editing and proofing services for a communication consultancy serving various water-related agencies and quasi-governmental organizations.
  • Anonymous client – I provide ongoing editing, writing, and research services for a family office and related business interests, primarily in the areas of water policy, oil and gas, and general investment.
  • Camp Randall and Confederate Rest – A Civil War history with a personal touch. I provided line editing for the manuscript, which is now being shopped.
  • Kulture Games – I provided copyediting and proofreading for a trivia game and a card game.
  • Didn’t Come from Nothing – This family history tells the powerful, poignant story of an African American family traced through several generations. I provided line editing for the second edition.
  • You’re Totally Awesome! – A collection of vignettes contributed by young authors about their experiences overcoming challenges, and the power of acknowledgment. I provided final proofreading.