The testimonials on this page are in the authors’ own words, but I made slight edits for punctuation and style … because of course I did.

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Gregory Balestrero

oversized blue quotation marksDeAnna is a remarkable author and editor. She transformed what would have been an ungainly manuscript from multiple authors into a smooth book (Organizational Survival) with one voice ... and added such value that I have always considered her the “fourth author” of the book. Her insights in reaching the reader were invaluable and her ability to weigh the value of every aspect of the book was remarkable. More than anything, was her creative view and perspective to help us think out of the box. She was, in short, brilliant.

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Nathalie Udo, MBA, PMP
oversized blue quotation marksDeAnna is an amazing editor, writer, and critic, whom I highly recommend to anybody who wants pure quality. She has a laser sharp eye and keeps the full picture in mind, something that I as a writer sometimes lose by getting stuck in the details of the words. She is a delight to work with, providing sharp and direct feedback in a fun way that makes you laugh out loud. She is a pure artist with words! She is my go-to person for any writing advice and she should be yours!

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Carl Pritchard, PMP
oversized blue quotation marksAs an author and training materials developer (and trainer, and lecturer), I get to deal with a LOT of editors and content folks. DeAnna stands head and shoulders above the rest. She has the gift of both being a superb editor (copy and content), as well as being able to manage the prima-donna-sometimes author who frankly NEEDS a solid edit. She has always left me feeling good about my work and extraordinarily grateful for her deft hand at improving it. She’s timely in her responses, cheerful about her role(s) in the organization, and blessed in her ability to truly “manage” others. I'm honored to work with her.

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Geof Lory

oversized blue quotation marksDeAnna brings to her editing not just form and style but also my voice. For 15 years she has made my marginal writing worthy of praise I didn’t deserve. It has been my pleasure to have her thoughtful eye and mind tighten up and button down my writing without ever losing my personal style. She’s the best!

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Kent J. McDonald

oversized blue quotation marksI have worked with DeAnna for several years as she edited my pieces for ProjectConnections.com. She, as always, did a great job helping me sound like me.

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Kimberly Wiefling, M.S.

oversized blue quotation marksDeAnna has been my trusted editor, writing advisor and friend for nearly a decade. In addition to her keen understanding of the art of the written word, she’s the only person I’ve ever met who could critique me while simultaneously making me laugh. Her wise counsel and excellent judgment have been a guiding light for my writing career since before my first book was published in 2007. When my instincts are right on but I'm hesitant, DeAnna gives me the courage to “go for it.” And when I’m off base, she brings me to my senses with the perfect combination of strength and compassion. Thank you, DeAnna, for your partnership over these many years!

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From a typesetter and designer (now retired)

oversized blue quotation marksWorking with you has been a pleasure and you did a more than fine job. … You were responsive and kept things moving as promised which are two biggies for me. … I enjoyed your sense of humor too.